PsychToolbox examples: Visual cognition experiments

Example code for running various types of visual cognition experiments in MATLAB. To run these, you will need to install PsychToolbox. This code was written for PsychToolbox version 3, and tested on Windows.

If you have questions about this code, or find any bugs, you can contact me at kehinger AT mit DOT edu.


Image sequence


Very simple experiment template that shows a series of images with, optionally, a text prompt. This code can be used to run a memory experiment, an image rating experiment, or a visual search experiment.



Change blindness


A basic change blindness experiment, using the "flicker" paradigm.



Visual search


A basic visual search experiment: detect a target in an array of distractors.



Rapid serial visual presentation


Shows a series of images with, optionally, a text prompt at the start of each series.